Avocado_slide_236396_1175478_freeThere aren’t many people in the world who love avocados more than the editors at HuffPost Taste. Avocados are considered more valuable than gold in this office, seriously. We sneak avocados into everything we eat. We’ve made guacamole more ways than imaginable. We even have dreams of retiring and moving to an avocado grove. And since you’re reading this, we’re guessing you just might feel the same way we do about this fruit.


AVOCADO-570_Salad DressingSalad Dressing

There’s something about transforming avocado into a pourable consistency that just feels wrong. But we put avocado on our salads, so why not in our salad dressings? It’s the best way to get avocado with every bite. Get the Avocado Salad Dressing recipe.

AVOCADO-570_Ice CreamIce Cream

We know what you’re thinking, ice cream is sacred and should not be messed with. But creamy avocado can only make ice cream even better. Get the Avocado Ice Cream recipe.


For the most part, we eat our avocado at room temperature, if not chilled. But warm? That just feels like a violation of all that is good and holy in the world. But when that means that avocado slices are breaded and deep-fried (crazy we know, but bear with us) it renews our faith in culinary innovation. Think about it guys, it’s like a greatly improved mozzarella stick. Get the Avocado Fries recipe.


Here it is again, hot avocado. And, it has an egg baked in its center (which is just weird.) But, the eggocado means we can sneak a half an avocado into our breakfast and that’s something we fully support. Get the Eggocado recipe.