Chef John Kane

Chef John Kane

Food and Beverage World lost a great friend last week, Chef John Kane. He died following complications of back surgery. John was Executive Chef of the University Club of San Francisco for over 20 years, only the fifth Chef to hold this title in the 116 year history of the club. Kane left the university club to marry the love of his life, Maria Ramos, and relocated to Grass Valley where he and his wife opened Kane’s Restaurant, located on Main Street in 2006. Together, they captured the loyalty of the Grass Valley community while raising their four beautiful sons and bringing John’s fabulous sense of cuisine to this delightful small town.

A public memorial to celebrate the life of John Kane will be held on Saturday, August 3 from 11am to 2pm at the Grass Valley Veterans Memorial Building (255 S. Auburn St, Grass Valley, CA).

John served two years as President of the Chef’s Association of the Pacific Coast (CAPC) and was seated as Chairman of the Board. Chef John has been nominated by President of the American Culinary Federation, and for American Culinary Federation’s National Chef of the Year. President Leonard also awarded Chef John with the coveted Presidential Medallion. He was awarded the San Francisco 2002 CAPC Chef of the Year award.

Chef John also taught and trained cooks at the Cecil Williams Glide Memorial Church Outreach program, helping those going through transitional times to better themselves, their skills, and to promote the culinary profession. He also represented several companies including: Corporate Chef for Sierra Meat Co., Corporate Consulting Chef for US Foodservice, Chef of the San Francisco Giants professional baseball team and Consulting Chef for the American Culinary “Chefs Best” in San Francisco. He has helped to raise more than $124,000 for local charities in San Francisco by auctioning himself off for private dinners.

A talented chef we were fortunate enough to call friend, please enjoy some of the recipe development we did together through these links.