Steer clear of these bites and beverages if you’re hoping for bedroom bliss


1-couple-laying-bed-lgnMood-Killing Fare

Hoping dinner paves the way for a naughty tryst? While nibbles like nuts and dark chocolate turn up the heat, other eats pull the plug on passion. While their side effects don’t kick in immediately, spare yourself from so-so sex and avoid these lesser-known anti-aphrodisiacs pre-lovemaking.

2-hot-dog-bun-lgn-27812354Hot Dogs

Although this festival favorite is certainly a suggestive treat, noshing on wieners isn’t a good-time guarantee. The summer staple’s high saturated fat content clogs the penile and vaginal arteries, creating not-so-prime circumstances for sexy time, says Jacqueline Richard, PsyD, a certified sex therapist in Santa Barbara, CA. For a healthier handheld treat, Dr. Richard recommends fish tacos. The omega-3 fatty acids aid the cardiovascular system, a boon for sexual arousal.



Bad breath may be a turn-off, but freshening it up might not help your situation in the sack. The menthol in peppermint has been shown to reduce testosterone levels, sending sex drive plummeting, says Dr. Richard. Chomping on peppermint-flavored gum means more bad news, since chewing brings air into your system, making you burp. While moans and grunts may enhance sex, belches are better left out of the soundtrack. If mint’s a must before a romp, try peppermint tea. It’s relatively low in menthol and it’s better than gum for digestion, says Robyn Youkilis, a certified health coach and founder of Your Healthiest You.

5-french-fries-lgn-31072047French Fries

Do you want fries with that? If you’re hoping to get lucky, your man’s answer should be “no.” As with hot dogs, the trans-fat in fries can negatively impact testosterone levels and circulation. Fries’ high salt content also can make it trickier for men with high blood pressure to stay erect. For healthy folks, the sodium can bring on the not-so-sexy sensation of bloating. If you’re craving potato, eat a baked one instead, suggests Dr. Richard. It releases the feel-good chemical dopamine, improving your time between the sheets.

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By Marlisse Cepeda