Killershrimp_warmseafoodsaladKevin Michaels and his partners have opened a new “Killer Shrimp” at 416 State Street in Santa Barbara, where their menu duplicates items that have been successfully served in their Marina del Rey venue for years. A restaurant concept that started twenty-five years ago was the brain child of Kevin’s father over twenty years ago, and began as a one bowl concent in the Marina, where they only served bowls of Killer Shrimp with French bread, and had lines of people waiting around the block to savor the delicious recipe created by Kevin’s dad Lee Michaels, renowned rock musician who performed with a milieu of great rock bands in the 70s.

KillerShrimp_AhiTunaGrowing up on the beach in Malibu, Kevin Michaels an avid surfer and his friends enjoyed his dad’s recipes on the beach, and they are having great fun sharing these dishes with guests at Killer Shrimp. “We serve dishes that we know and like. Patrons seem to enjoy dishes on our menu, and the “Killer Shrimp” dish has put us on the map in Marina del Rey,” said Michaels.

1KillerShrimpBowlHuge and delicious shrimp for the “Killer Shrimp” bowls come from the Sea of Cortez area in Mexico. According to owner Michaels “this area in the Sea of Cortez is where you find the finest shrimp. Mexican shrimp from this area have just the right salt count and are perfect for our secret recipe,” says Michaels. The recipe is a secret preparation Kevin’s dad cooked up during family meals when Kevin and his brother were kids growing up on Point Dume, and this recipe is the foundation for the family business they run today.

1KillerShrimpCocktailsThe full menu in Santa Barbara includes a delicious warm seafood salad featuring shrimp, calimari and crabmeat with lettuce, avocado, hard boiled egg, tomatoes and cucumber in a creamy warm dressing; a deliciously different mac & cheese; steamed mussels; crab cakes with hot or mild dipping sauce; ahi tuna with crisps; garlic mashed potatoes with scallops and capers in a buerre blank sauce that is outstanding, as well as steak, lobster, oysters, clams, salmon and so much more. The “Killer Shrimp” is also available over rice or angel hair pasta, on a sandwich with extra sauce for dunking and with mac & cheese.

Cocktails were designed by renowned mixologist Marcos Tello offer sips of popular new herbal delights that have become so in trendy LA bars, and include the best ingredients in a visually exciting presentation. One of these amazing herbal inspired cocktails is a beautiful tri-colored mojito that is served with fresh muddled mint (this recipe is from the Queen’s Park Hotel in the 1920’s). The bar offers 20 beers on tap, a selection of wine and a treasure trove of ‘man size” cocktails. Happy Hour at Killer Shrimp is a great value and a bowl of the delicious Killer Shrimp is only $15.00, and comes with a large basket of French bread. The entire restaurant menu offers great value for the price.

The huge restaurant venue offers a front patio, restaurant and bar and a private open air patio. During Fiesta week July 31-August 4 they will have live entertainment and welcome locals and visitors celebrating Fiesta in Santa Barbara to stop in and experience the “Killer Shrimp.”

Killer Shrimp
416 State Street
Santa Barbara CA
(805) 284-9262

by Bonnie Carroll