By Bonnie Carroll

Kenwood+Inn+and+Spa+in+Sonoma+wine+countryRecent studies have indicated that the antioxidants found in wine grapes may assist in fighting the aging process. Below are some facts on what a Vinotherapy spa does for women, and where to find one.

A skin treatment of soaking in a wooden vat of wine may not sound legitimate for good skin care, but now clinical researchers are saying it does. The fruit of the vine may be one of nature’s most powerful anti-aging tools. Polyphenols found in grapes are the same antioxidants responsible for upping cardiovascular health. They work internally to fight cancer and obesity, and can smooth lines and erase age spots on the skin.
spa_caudaliebordeauxResveratrol, a well known polyphenol is the main star with respect to anti-aging with vin. It is very potent and is more powerful than vitamin based antioxidants that contain C and E commonly used in skincare products. Resveratrol is typically found in higher concentrations in red grapes, although researchers have discovered the varietal is sometimes less important than the environment in which a grape is grown. The theory is that grapes grown in cooler climates have higher levels of antioxidants, which is why French wine may be better than Californian wine if you’re looking to get the optimum anti-aging power.

Some experts say that anti-aging products containing the actual wine and not grapes may have better topical benefits, due to the increase in polyphenols during the fermentation process. It is a given that wine based beauty is on the move, especially now that resveratrol is being made available to skincare companies as an anti-aging ingredient., and may replace vitamin C as the ultimate antioxidant for the fountain of youth seekers.


SpaPiemonteIf you want to know where you can get these anti-aging wine treatments the experts in vinotherapy spas recommended the following: Le Sources de Caudalie, featuring Bordeaux Vinotherapies and offer therapies on their luxurious hotel grounds. Relais San Maurizio in the Langhe vineyards of the Piedmonte region of Italy offer treatments in the cellar of an ancient monastery. Acuba in Spain is home to Can Bonastre, located 35 minutes from Barcelona, where you will be pampered on a lovely 16th century estate. Alder-Thermae Spa in Tuscany is another favorite of Italian spa babies. Canada offers Vine Luxury Spa in Alberta, Canada and California’s Kenwood Spa in Sonoma has received high marks for their vinotherapy treatments.
WineGlass&grapesA moral to this story could be – if you can’t fly off to Italy, Canada or California to soak up some vin, enjoy a nice glass of red wine before bed tonight feeling sure you are savoring the easier gentler skincare regimen for today’s busy woman.

Bonnie Carroll