Celebrity Chef Dana Herbert, winner of Season 1 of TLC’s Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker. Chef is the owner of Desserts by Dana in New Castle, Delaware. Chef Herbert has been featured on major network and cable television channels and has been seen in many of the country’s most circulated magazines. Despite his obvious flair for creating beautiful culinary masterpieces, he is also skilled at creating healthy desserts as well.

Chef Dana is famous for his sweet and savory dishes, his extraordinary cakes and his healthy yet delicious sugar free desserts. Chef has baked delicious sugar-free diabetic friendly desserts for Oprah Winfrey, Second Lady Jill Biden, the late Smokin’ Joe Frazier, and many, many more.

Chef Dana is a featured Celebrity Chef on the James Beard Celebrity Chef Tour and is frequently invited to present at food festivals, bridal shows, and culinary events.

Chef Dana is a family man, with a  wife and two daughters residing in the New Castle, Delaware area. He owns Desserts by Dana, and you can find more information about his extraordinary baked creations on his website at www.dessertsbydana.com. A graduate of Johnson and Wales culinary academy, Dana takes the culinary arts seriously. In a desire to produce healthy, good tasting sugar free desserts, Dana has mastered the good tasting part of sugar free by offering the following advice: You can replace sugar with splenda, and you can do so on an equal basis. In other words, if you need one cup of sugar, you can use one cup of splenda. However, if you are going to use agave nectar or other moist sweeteners, do so with a moist recipe,  such as a pie filling. A syrup would change the texture of a cake too much, so he wouldn’t recommend that. 



Please visit Chef dana at his website, where you can order his cookbook, Sweet and Savory, and learn first hand how to capture some of the beautiful creations that we are portraying here today.