Platinum 7X, the ultra-smooth vodka, is offering cocktail recipes for an “uncrashable” summer party.

The American-made vodka, which is crafted from high-quality grain and distilled seven times for a polished finish, recently unveiled a contemporary and stylish new look. This bold bottle is the perfect addition to any house party, beach weekend or outdoor vacation.

Visit the Platinum 7X Facebook page,, for prizes, tips on hosting a premium summer party, which includes directions on how to cut the perfect lemon wedge or chill your cocktail without ice.

Platinum Wallbanger

1.5 oz. of Platinum 7X Vodka

2.5 oz. of Orange Juice

.5 oz. of Galliano

Serve chilled in a highball glass and garnish with an orange slice and maraschino cherry


The Esquire

1.5 oz. of Platinum 7X Vodka

3 oz. of Ginger Beer

1 oz. of Grapefruit Juice

Add simple syrup for sweetness (optional)

Squeeze juice of half a lime, stir over ice and garnish with a mint leaf