Holy cow, lately it seems that I am getting new Vodkas almost every day. I am really beginning to wonder how the marketplace can sustain this much product? After all, there are over 2,500 brands of Scotch, 1,100 Tequilas and I’m willing to bet you that global production of vodka probably hovers around 7,000 brands of Vodka. That figure is easily achieved if you realize that almost every country in the world produces some sort of Vodka and there are multiple producers in most countries and those producers distill a number of flavored vodkas. Do the math, and you’ll come up with a number close to mine.

For crying out loud, there are producers that have 20, or even 30 or more flavored Vodkas in their line-ups. And of course don’t forget the categories of Vodka: Ultra-premium, super premium, premium, and cheap gut wrenching swill. I get the feeling that every man, woman, and child in the world must consume Vodka every day with every meal and all night long to keep this many Vodka distillers in business. The happy outcome for the consumer of all this competition is that prices are coming down while quality is going up.

What really boggles the mind is that Vodka is defined as a neutral spirit that is odorless, tasteless and colorless. HELLO, that sounds like water with ethanol thrown in for good measure to me. Well, I guess I could really draw a parallel here with bottled water and the dozens of brands of water that are available. Either the consumers of these products are complete fools or the producers of these products are geniuses or possibly a little of both. 

Super Premium Vodkas used to start at $30.00 per bottle but that has changed recently. Today, there are Super Premium Vodkas for sale under $20.00 per 750 Ml bottle. That’s some damn good drinking for just one Jackson. Which brings us to the topic at hand, a new Vodka from Oregon called Vision Vodka that sells for around $30.00 per 1 liter bottle which makes it $22.50 per 750 ml bottle, which places it squarely in that hot and up and coming affordable super premium category.


The bottle is tall and lean sporting frosted glass with clear glass designs in relief. It is simple and elegant and understated. The cap deceives you into thinking it’s a chrome plated screw cap but it actually turns out to be a cork, go figure. The nose has a trace of alcohol that dissipates quickly leaving a vague hint of minerals but truly nothing else. It has a medium body with very slight vanilla notes. It is neutral in the mouth with again that vague notion of vanilla and if I really set my mind and imagination to the task I could probably come up with some other references like orange peel but that would be a stretch indeed. Again it is very neutral in the mouth and quite smooth with just a hint of pepper. The finish is medium in length just spicy enough to be interesting but not intrusive. This vodka is a winner and another contender in what is rapidly becoming my favorite Vodka category – the affordable super premiums. Why pay more when you can get a Grey Goose comparable experience for just two thirds the investment?

By George Brozowski

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