Vodka from Texas? Is there any place left on the planet where vodka is not distilled? When I think of Vodka, Poland and Russia rush to the forefront of my mind. Texas doesn’t even appear on the horizon. When I think of Texas I think of hot muggy days, wide open prairies, George W Bush, the Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleaders, and fire ants – and not necessarily in that order. Lately, I have tried vodka from Iceland and Dayton, Ohio so I guess anything is possible.

There is definitely a movement a feet. That’s right, I meant to say feet not foot. It’s difficult to have movement with only one foot. Movement with one foot usually consists of move the foot, fall down. So what’s this movement? It’s the movement of vodka toward the affordable luxury category also known as bargain super premiums. Dripping Springs Vodka is an excellent case in point.

This vodka is made in tiny batches in proprietary copper stills and micro distilled over twenty times. Considering the fact that most good vodka is distilled 2 or 3 times, this does make a huge difference. They use artesian water, which has seeped through limestone formations and consequently gathered a mineral rich profile. And once it is all said and done, they filter it through Swedish activated carbon. Swedish? I guess there isn’t enough good old fashioned Texas carbon to get the job done properly. Just like I didn’t know Texas was famous for its vodka, I didn’t know that Sweden was famous for its carbon, go figure.

Dripping Springs Vodka has a pleasantly sultry nose with no alcohol upfront but rather reminiscent of a lazy spring winding through a lush green valley after an atmosphere cleansing downpour. I don’t mean to get overly poetic here but it does have a faint pleasant earthy aroma. That translates into a mineral like mouth feel that is full bodied, inviting, and very smooth, with an ever so slightly spicy finish that lasts only briefly and leaves clean and refreshing flourish. Overall, it is very, very nice and definitely in that super premium category taste profile without that super premium sticker shock. At $19.00 per 750ml bottle it is definitely worth twice as much. The only down side to all of this is that it is currently only available in Texas and its neighboring states.

By George Brozowski

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