Mushroom Ragout with Spinach & Venison Stuffed Piquillo Pepper, Baby Vegetable and Veal Stock Reduction

By Executive Chef John Kane, Kane’s Restaurant, Grass Valley, California


1 cup Alba Clam Shell Mushroom

TT Salt and Pepper

4 Piquillo Peppers

1 Venison Sausage (Cooked)

1 cup Baby Spinach (blanched and chopped)

2 tbls. Olive Oil

1/4 cup Daikon Sprouts

1/2 cup Bonewerks CulinArte’ Veal Stock Reduction (see method)

8 Baby Squash (blanched, cut in half)

8 Baby Zucchini (blanched, cut in half lengthwise)

8 Baby Yellow Carrots (peeled and blanched)

8 Baby Orange Carrots (peeled and blanched)

2 tbls. Butter

1/4 cup Enoki Mushrooms

Procedures for Risotto:

1. In Robot Coupe place peeled Venison sausage and grind until fine. In bowl, add Venion and baby spinach, and grind. Add salt and pepper, mix well. Stuff piquillo peppers with mix and place enoki mushrooms inside. Set aside and steam to heat prior to assembly.

2. Sauté clam shell musrooms in 2 of olive oil, salt and pepper until just cooked.

3. Sauté remaining vegetables in olive oil, salt and pepper. Heat Bonewerks CulinArte’ Veal Stock in pan. Season with salt and pepper. Set aside.

4. Take 4 cup of veal stock demi and heat to simmer. Add 1 TBL cold butter, and whisk in. Salt and pepper to taste.

To Assemble:
In bowl place steamed piquillo pepper in center and arrange vegetables, mushrooms around pepper. Spoon hot stock around vegetables. Decorate with daikon sprouts.

Made with:
Bonewerks CulinArte’ Veal Stock Reduction

Serves 4