We dined at and reviewed Baume in Palo Alto about a year ago and predicted that they would get a Michelin Star. We are pleased to report that we were correct. Restaurateur and Executive Chef Bruno Cheme ,who has now received stars and accolades from Michelin, The New York Times , Food & Beverage and others has created a fabulous menu comprised of Contemporary French cuisine with California and Asian influences using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. A Graduate of Culinary School in Moulins, France he also studied Macrobiotic cooking while in Tokyo, Japan.


Baume Tartine



The restaurant is named for French chemist Antoine Baume and only serves a Prix Fixe menu featuring either the 8 course Menu Gastronomique or the 12 course Menu Decouverte both with optional Wine Pairing. The cuisine combines the modern with the ancient and is scientifically classic but gastronomically modern and is prepared with the highest level of creativity and execution. Each course is truly a work of art! The restaurant seats only twenty-two so you feel very special, as it is a personal and perfectly paced dining experience. The service is excellent and the Wine Pairing is customized to both the cuisine and your particular tastes.


Fairy Tale Soup



Every elegant, unique course of the Menu Decouverte can only be described as beautiful art with fabulous flavors. The cuisine that we experienced and loved consisted of luxury ingredients. We particularly enjoyed the luscious Caviar Smoked Brioche, The Duck Foie Au Natural was amazing. Our favorite soup ever was the Tale Soup with Pumpkin Seeds Ice Cream. The Halibut with Curry-Leeks served with New Caledonian Prawn Mousse and Pork Loin were also fantastic. The desserts were also incredible. The Sweet Lime Caramel Bonbon, Chocolate Tarte, and the Madeleine, Warm Citrus, Raspberry Sphere each had fantastic flavors.


Baume Halibut



Baume earned One Michelin Star in 2010 and continues to be one of the best and most innovative and memorable restaurants in the Bay Area. The menu does change daily to reflect the ingredients that are fresh and seasonal. We must return soon as they now also serve lunch.

Executive Chef Bruno Chemel


201 South California Avenue

Palo Alto, CA. 94306



By Carol & Joe Davis, Dining Detectives