The Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza introduced by Domino’s Pizza last month takes their efforts of getting behind the pizza one giant step further. As part of Domino’s American Legends specialty pizza line, the Wisconsin 6 adds cheese head fanaticism to Domino’s new hand-tossed crust and tasty herbed sauce proving once again that only top quality fresh ingredients are used to make each and every pizza.

 As European immigrants made the big migration west across the United States, Wisconsin’s climate and rolling grasslands made it perfect for farming. First it was wheat, hops, and other grains and then in 1841, dairy farming blossomed yielding an abundance of top-quality milk. In order to preserve the ever increasing quantities of excess milk, farmers made cheese on family farms but it didn’t take long for commercial production to catch on. Swiss was among the first Old-World cheeses produced in Wisconsin. Italians brought their popular Mozzarella and Provolone as well as the blue-veined Gorgonzola. The French produced creamy, soft-ripened Camembert & Brie and from Germany came the delights of Muenster and Limburger. The English contributed Cheddar, and the Dutch, Gouda and Edam. Innovative new cheeses like Colby were also created.

Today, nearly 13,000 dairy farms throughout Wisconsin supply milk used in the 2.6 billion pounds of cheese produced annually. No other State has more skilled and licensed cheese makers or offers a Master Cheesemaker Program that matches European standards. Domino’s taps into this heritage with their Wisconsin 6 by combining a healthy cross-cut of Wisconsin mozzarella, feta, provolone, cheddar, Parmesan and asiago on a crust sprinkled with oregano. In fact, their promotional video shot on location in Blanchardville, Wisconsin opens with real consumers assuming they are attending a focus group within an office building but are shocked when the walls collapse revealing they are actually in the middle of a dairy farm.

By Steve Mirsky