While deciding on the final blend for this wine, everyone at Hunt Cellars agreed the flavors were quite thrilling. Thus, in keeping with their musical theme, they payed tribute to the music of Michael Jackson and named the wine “Thriller.”

Grape(s): Proprietary Blend

Winery: Hunt Cellars

Region: Paso Robles

Year: 2006

Special Designation: Thriller

Price: 45-50


Lush dark fruit and savory aromas of mocha and caramel make up an unforgettable nose. With a sip layers of flavors unfurl as black cherry, pomegranate, blueberry, chocolate, coffee, caramel, and oak drift over the palate. Trademark smoothness and rich, vivid flavors mean this wine lives up to its name. A must try for anyone that loves red blends.

Rating: 95

Character: Dark fruit, Supple mouthfeel, Smooth Tannins

Farming Certification: (none)