YUM!  Premium (say smooooth) vodka with its own built in twist.  Those bad boy Brits just couldn’t leave well enough alone so they took their handcrafted, small batch, clear, and flavorless vodka made from English wheat and infused it with flavor.  Rumor has it that they have 16 flavors but since they only provided us with one (cherry) that’s the only one we can comment on (hint, hint).

I actually prefer my vodka shaken, not stirred, in a simple martini with no vermouth and just a twist of lemon but this cherry flavored vodka was actually quite nice in a martini as the cherry infusion became subtly subdued and tasty.  Consumed straight up in a small glass, Russian style, (Na Zdrowie) the cherry flavor is a bit over the top and slightly syrupy reminiscent of a Dr. Pepper on steroids.  By the way it actually complimented Dr. Pepper on the rocks.

It is almost criminal to take a premium vodka and use it in a cocktail with a handful of other ingredients.  Personally, I use something less expensive in my Bloody Mary’s but the cherry flavor actually worked quite well with the tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce and horseradish.  It takes a classic screwdriver to a whole new, and very interesting place.  We are looking forward to tasting the other 15 flavors.

By the way stay tuned for four great recipes using three Olives Cherry Infused Vodka.

By George Brozowski

Spirits Editor