Did you know that more than 10 million pints of Guinness are downed around the world every day.

And a dram of Jameson Irish whiskey is consumed every second in Dublin, while some 20 glasses are downed around the world in that same instant.

Today is when the  unicorn’s share is drunk.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, when many pubs in North America serve green beer .

Here are some thing that you might want to try today:


If you can, head to your local bar and have a fresh pint of Guinness, but if you can’t, here are some lunch time specials.

Guinness Draught bottled: a six-pack of 330-mL bottles,

Guinness cans: a four-pack of 450-mL cans,

Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale: four 440-mL cans,

Harp Premium Lager: a six-pack of 330-mL bottles,


Paddy Old Irish whiskey,  Ireland’s softest whiskey. Light and straightforward, with hints of sherried fruit and apples.

Powers Gold Label Irish whiskey,  Ireland’s bestseller since first bottled in 1894. A glorious honeyed sweetness and dry, peppery spice.

Bushmills Black Bush Irish whiskey: An excellent whiskey, a good portion of which is matured in Oloroso sherry casks. Malty and nutty sherry notes lead to a pleasant, sweet palate.

Red Breast 12-Year-Old Pure Pot Still Irish whiskey: Aged in sherry and bourbon casks, this is a delightful, unblended whiskey, full-flavoured, but not overpowering.

Connemara Peated Single-Malt Irish whiskey, $64.49: A smooth whiskey, with heather, floral notes and oak on the nose and peat and honey in the full-flavoured palate.

Jamieson Limited Reserve 18-Year-Old, $104.99: Only the best casks are used to make this deluxe whiskey, which is aged in sherry casks for a minimum of 18 years. Sherry, spice and toffee on the nose with a mellow, smooth palate with complex notes of fudge, wood, leather, a sherry nuttiness and vanilla.

Have Fun, and please drink responsibly.