As you might already know, I spent the weekend in Monterey, on the 2009 wine escapes tour. The event was amazing and the organizers did such a phenomenal job making the event a great success. We did lots of wine tasting, which we have talked allot about, so over the next few days we will tell you a bit about the food.

Chef Bunyan Fortune chef at the La Playa Hote  located on Camino Real at Eighth Ave. Carmel put together the best Macaroni & Cheese I have ever tasted. Personally I love that he chose to feed the worlds most prestigious and uptight wine writers Mac and Cheese, with a few upgrades.

1/4 Cup Extra Heavy Cream

1 Tablespoon of Shallots

1Cup Macorni Cooked

2 oz Lobster meat Cooked

1 Cup Cheese Blend Crated

1/2 Cuyp of Chedder

1/8 Cup of Vemont Chedder

1/8 cup of Jack

1/8 Cup of Parmesan

1/8 Cup 3 cheese mozerella, Provolone abnd Romano

1/8 Cup Perorino Tuffles Graded

Heat Cream and Shallots: add Marconi, Lobster and 8 Cheeses until melted and hot stirring constantly. Place in blow on plate and sprinkle with Truffle Cheese and Serve.

*Note: Lobster can be replaces with Shrimp, Pancetta, Chicken, or anything you like