Cream liqueurs seem to be coming into their own these days, as well as seemingly coming from everywhere as well. On top of that, they are utilizing numerous other ingredients over and above just the traditional whiskey and cream. In South Africa, they add marula fruits, in Canada maple syrup, in South America they use rum instead of whiskey, in Italy they add lemon, while others use black tea and spices.

This brings us full circle to Magnum Cream Liqueur. Since it is made in Scotland, they start off with Scotch from the BenRiach distillery in the Speyside region and add Dutch cream and probably a few secret ingredients on top of that. It comes in a stainless steel container that looks exactly like a miniature milk can. Having enjoyed most of the cream liqueurs I have tasted, I can’t wait to dive into this one. Literally, I could bathe in this stuff and drink my way out, but enough of that let’s get to the business at hand.


To start off Magnum Cream Liqueur looks just like a glass of chocolate milk but there the similarity ends. The nose does have chocolaty aromas, as well as creamy aromas, and even a hint of caramel but the scotch smell insinuates itself between those sweet smells and comes in first place but very subtly so. The palate reverses itself from the nose and features the chocolate and caramel and toffee up front and then the scotch slithers up and takes over. The finish also does an about face and the taste of scotch is unmistakably first followed by the sweet cream and chocolate and in the end the primary taste profile left in my mouth is again the scotch. I just love the way these flavors play among themselves; it makes the whole process of drinking this creamy liqueur that much more enjoyable.

Magnum is bottled at 17% ABV or 34 proof and pricing can be found from a low of $20.00 all the way up to $30.00 so if you’re after this particular creamy delight I definitely recommend shopping around.


By George Brozowski