Nooku, now there’s a word that could inspire off color jokes, ribald stories and generally get me into a whole lot of trouble while insulting entire groups of people and that’s just about as far as I’m willing to go with that train of thought before it runs me over. Nooku is actually a Native American name for white snowshoe rabbits famous for their lush coats and lightning speed. Nooku was borrowed from those Native Americans and applied to this bourbon whiskey infused with ultra-smooth dairy cream.

Being used to Irish Creams made from Irish whiskey and cream and chocolate and other secret spices I dug around to uncover the difference between Nooku and them. Nooku is created using high malt bourbon aged in American virgin oak barrels and blended with real dairy cream and made with only natural sugars and flavors. That sounds slightly similar yet slightly different. I guess the proof will be in the tasting so we might just as well get on with it.

Nooku comes in a dark brown bottle with a label that includes that namesake white rabbit jumping over the Rocky Mountains (where Nooku is distilled). The nose is decidedly less chocolaty than Irish cream yet is full of creamy vanilla backed by that unmistakable scent of bourbon. On the palate the thick richness and flavor of the cream comes through front and center followed by the vanilla, a bit of toffee and then the bourbon makes its entry and tops off the flavor profile very nicely. Actually the bourbon brightens and lightens the taste of the cream leaving a nice taste of that bourbon in the mouth that lingers for a while. The finish is creamy and sweet with vanilla notes followed by those bourbon highlights that cap off this wonderful treat.

If you’re looking for a creamy drink that’s not too chocolaty and features more of the flavor of the spirit then this Nooku is what you should be looking for. It kind of reminds me of some of the great eggnog I’ve tried over the holidays and actually I would prefer this over them any day.

Nooku is 17% ABV or 34 proof and available for around $28.99 per 750ML bottle.

By George Brozowski