Gin is gin is gin, but just maybe that may no longer be the case anymore. Gin is generally juniper flavored vodka with sometimes over a dozen other botanicals thrown in for more flavor and balance but the juniper is always the lead botanical in a ginned up blend. Not anymore! The good folks over at Tub brand, founded in Colorado in 2008 out of a partnership between RTO+P (Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners) and Peach Street Distillers (founded in 2005) have introduced a small batch, seasonal spirit called Tub Hopped Gin with Plum Spirits.

It all starts with their original citrus forward gin made from high-desert juniper berries and married with plums in the Palisade plum eau-de-vie and macerated with Chinook hops. And let me tell you, you won’t find this information on their site as they are very coy and secretive about their ingredients and processes and equally passionate about everything they do. However, on their site you will find this self description; “Peach Street Distillers are a band of misfits making unreasonable spirits the hard way.” They sound like my kind of crazies.


Okay so let’s get to it and see what this hopped up plum gin is all about. The nose is quite mild and very juniper forward with that tangy citrus aroma following closely and bringing up the rear is that plum eau-de-vie but barely a trace of hops. On the palate the plum flavor moves forward and seems equal to the juniper. It is really quite smooth and citrusy and flavorful without being overpowering and bringing up the rear this time is a hint of hops and bit of liqourice. The flavor is balanced very nicely between the citrus and the sweet. Overall, the finish is smooth but has a touch of spice that makes it quite nice leaving a taste of the juniper and plum contending for top honors in the throat for a medium amount of time.

This is definitely not your grandfather’s gin and that might just be a good thing. The plum flavor works very well with the juniper and they seem to be balanced quite nicely so they both play well with each other. This makes for an interesting and flavorful sipper as well as a pretty tasty martini. And if all this wasn’t enough to get you to try it the price of 30 odd bucks a bottle might present the closing argument.

You can get Tub Hopped Gin with Plum Spirits in a 750ML bottle for around $32.99 to $34.99 which is 40% ABV or 80 proof.


By George Brozowski