Let me start this review by saying that I really like Grey Goose vodka and have liked it ever since they introduced it back in the 1990’s. As a matter of fact, if you would like to read an interesting tale of my participation in the introduction of Grey Goose to San Francisco, click here; oh, and by the way, while you’re there you can read about what I think of their cherry, pear and orange flavored vodkas. So I believe, I will be tasting their Le Citron vodka today. Flavored spirits, in my not so humble nor modest opinion, are a hit and miss proposition at best. Even Grey Goose has had some hits and misses, just like every other distiller. However, most of the time, their hits are home runs – like their pear flavored vodka.

The Grey Goose bottles are quite the piece of art work in and of themselves. The Le Citron flavor vodka bottle is frosted except for a large goose image on the front that is clear to allow you to see through to the back of the bottle where you can easily spy a painting of a table full of lemons. Straight up, the nose is tart and citrusy with no ethanol vapors. Along with the expected citrus aroma, there is some sort of leafy or tree like odor that is a bit off-putting and seems more like some type of heavy oil extract rather than a lighter handed touch of lemon rind. It would almost seem like this flavor of this vodka is not necessarily meant to be consumed straight up but slightly diluted, over rocks, or maybe, with a splash of water. Sure enough, when I pour some over ice, that heaviness disperses and the lemon aroma takes on more appropriate lighter proportions.


On the palate, that heavier aroma makes way for a lighter touch of citrus, almost like having a straight up Grey Goose vodka with a twist of lemon, which just happens to be the way I like it. It is sweet yet tart, full flavored and smooth, with no bite at all. The finish is also tangy, sweet, tart and citrusy, and of course, smooth and lasts a medium amount of time leaving a refreshing mouth feel. This is the way Grey Goose with a twist should taste. It tastes even better on the rocks. I do believe these distillers may have gone a bit over the top with the heavy oily citrus they extracted from those lemons, but it becomes remarkably good when diluted a bit.

Well, I have to give them this; unlike most every other distiller who comes out with a flavored spirit and drops the alcohol content, Grey Goose has kept their flavored vodkas at the same proof 40% ABV as their unflavored vodka. YAY!!. Also their pricing is consistent throughout their entire lineup, and a 750ML bottle of any Grey Goose vodka will set you back around $36.99.


By George Brozowski