oyster farming

Drakes Bay Oyster Farm is a historic family farm located in Point Reyes National Seashore, about an hour north of San Francisco, California. The oyster farm has been in operation for over 80 years. The current owners are the Lunnys, a fourth-generation ranching family in Point Reyes, where they also raise grass-fed and organic beef.

The Lunnys purchased this historic oyster farm to revive a part of the community and ensure the health of the estero. The oyster farm provides local jobs and a sustainable food product that supports local businesses and comprises almost 40% of California’s shellfish production. The Lunny family’s stewardship of the oyster farm has resulted in award-winning oysters, and has protected the pristine waters of Drakes Estero and its abundant wildlife. The seals in Drakes Estero have never been more plentiful.

In November 2012, the National Park Service issued a decision that would shut down the business. The oyster farm is contesting that decision, and the case is being appealed to the United States Supreme Court. The Lunnys have won a stay to remain in business while they petition for that hearing.

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By Sara Rolph