My father’s Jewish but my mother is not, so growing up, I never really got into the religious aspects. I did, however, get to enjoy a lot of wonderful Jewish food because my grandmother (the one who was Jewish) loved to bake. She made the best Rugelach I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with her baking talents. (I’ve always been much better at eating.) Thus, if I’m feeling nostalgic for some of the Grandmother’s old sweets, my options are somewhat limited. I never found a good Jewish bakery near where I live and the stuff you can buy in the supermarket simply isn’t up to snuff.

Sweet Sally's Hanukkah Bucket


Luckily, there’s Sweet Sally’s, a good-old fashion Jewish Bakery in New York that ships the goodies they make anywhere in the country. And, since Hanukkah is coming up they’ve put together a bucket of sweets just for the occasion. They include Mandel Bread, Coconut Macaroons, Big Apple Crackle (Almond and Hanukkah), Rugelach (Chocolate and Raspberry), a Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie and a Fudgy Brownie.

The Rugelach has a tasty filling, with a slightly flaky texture that’s fairly light and not too sweet. The mandel bread is fairly light but still slightly buttery with nice accents of cinnamon, almond, and fruit that is still fairly lively. Their Big Apple Crackle, which is matzo bread coated in caramel and chocolate, is a very unique creation. (If you like matzo, then this is the treat for you.) Plus, the Fudgy Brownies are so good. They’re rich, chewy, moist, and decadent. What else could you possible want?

So if you’re not in the mood to bake or simply don’t have the time but you’d like to enjoy some tasty treats for Hanukkah, Sweet Sally’s has you covered. Just visit their web site ( and get a bucket for yourself or send one to a friend. It’s a neat way to give someone a sweet little taste of the old days. Happy Hanukkah!


By Michael Perkins