Domäne Wachau, out of Austria, makes their wines, in particular the “Terrassen” and single-vineyard wines, never to be heady alcohol-laden wines, but fruity wines with firm mineral structure that have been highly influenced by primary rock soils. Finesse, not voluptuous body, is in the foreground and these wines offer tremendous drinking pleasure and fascinating elegance as accompaniment to food.

Our panel reviewed a couple of their current releases last week.



Winery: Domäne Wachau

 Grape(s): Gruner Veltiner

Region: Austria

Year: 2010

Price: 10-15


Aromas of gooseberries, apple, and white pepper can be discovered on the nose. A sip reveals flavors of tart apple and lemon accented by coriander and minerals.

The wine has a fairly round mouthfeel, but it’s still dry and spicy at the finish. If you like fresh acidity, bright fruit, and a bit of earth, this is a wine for you, especially at its price point.

Rating: 87

Character: light fruit, spicy/earthy, crisp acidity


Winery: Domäne Wachau

Grape(s): Riesling

Region: Austria

Year: 2009

Price: 15-20


A inviting bouquet of springtime flowers, peaches, and minerals greets the senses. The palate unfolds with flavors of peach and tangerine complicated by a few floral notes, as well as a stony minerallity. Crisp, clean, light, floral, and refreshing, try a bottle if you like clean, fairly dry whites.

Rating: 90

Character: crisp acidity, bright mouthfeel, light fruit